Ventilated Comfortable Chair Cushion Elastic Chair Cushion 12.99x16.54x0.91"


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For long time, people have been needing a ventilated chair cushion to help sit long without sweat, feel cool temperature after long hours sit working ...etc. 

Here it is, we created this new product- JABO Super Ventilated Chair Cushion.

Product features:

Super Ventilated chair cushion: Its Unique design let air in and out, super ventilated for users from being stuffy.

Nappy rash reduced: Thanks to its extremely ventilated feature, people who sit for long time per day, with a real ventilated, soft and comfortable chair cushion can help them reduce the rate to have nappy rash.

Water-proof: The material is water-proof which can stand water cleaning or cleaning detergent, easy to clean.

Medical grade: The material is safe and meet European regulation standard EN-71.

Elasticity: This ventilated chair cushion is elastic and soft, is comfortable for human skin.

Innovative design: we got patent for this new design and welcome to become our distributor.

Product size: 12.99x16.54x0.91 inch ( 33 x 42 x 2.3 cm ) for one person.

[ How to use it ]

Place this ventilated chair cushion directly on chair, you or your family can sit directly on the cushion (best ventilated performance) or on a thin sheet covered the cushion, depends on the way you prefer to.

[ Where to use it ]

This ventilated chair cushion can be placed on chair, floor, wooden chair, hospitals seats, clinics, health care centers, beach wooden chairs, wooden couches, camping and so on.

[ Who needs it ]

1) Anyone who needs ventilated chair cushion that is easy to clean, soft and comfortable.

2) Office people

3) Computer E-sports players


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