Ventilated Comfortable Chair Cushion Cooler Seat Cushion size 12.99x16.54x0.91"


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Product features:

Super Ventilated Chair Cushion: Its Unique design let air in and out, super ventilated for users from being stuffy.

Must-Have in office: Thanks to its extremely ventilated feature, people who sit in the office for long time, with a real ventilated and soft chair cushion can help you feel cooler and very comfortable.

Water-proof: The material is water-proof which can stand water cleaning or cleaning detergent, easy to clean.

Medical grade: The material is safe and meet European regulation standard EN-71.

Elasticity: This ventilated chair cushion is elastic and soft, is comfortable for human skin.

Innovative design: we got patent for this new design and welcome to become our distributor.

Product size: 12.99x16.54x0.91 inch ( 33 * 42 * 2.3 cm)

[ How to use it ]

Place this ventilated chair cushion directly on chair, you or your family can sit directly on this chair cushion (best ventilated performance) or on a thin sheet covered the chair cushion, depends on the way you prefer to.

[ Where to use it ]

This ventilated chair cushion can be placed on chairs, floor, wooden floor, hospitals, clinics, health care centers, beach wooden chairs, wooden couches, camping and so on.

[ Who needs it ]

1) For the people who sit for many hours per day that need cooler and ventilated chair cushion very much, this is the best solution, after we all office-people try many different chair cushions and design this product to solve all office-people problem.

2) Engineers, Office ladies, Office gentlemen, Teachers, Managers, Workers, Patience, etc, all need good ventilated chair cushion to give you better quality life in sitting.

3) Anyone who needs ventilated chair cushion that is easy to clean, soft and comfortable.


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